The Easy Way to Relocate to Marin County, California

Here are our best ideas to save you time, and to make your relocation to Marin County, California, an easy and pleasant experience.

  1. If you're moving at the request of your employer, determine what expenses your employer may be willing to pay for you.
  2. Tell Jill your needs, including the number of bedrooms and the number of baths. Also estimate your price range, any commute constraints and town preferences, if any. Send this information to Jill Hill.
  3. Jill will send you listing descriptions of homes for sale that would satisfy your specifications and price range, and she will continue to watch for additional new listings. Also review the listings described in this website. Let Jill know which of these homes sound best to you.
  4. Let Jill know when you can visit Marin and she will personally show you homes which you have selected, plus any newly listed similar homes which satisfy your specifications.
  5. After you have selected a home, Jill will guide you through the negotiation process, and inspections, all the way to close of escrow.